Assisted Living in Madison, Alabama

Assisted Living in Madison, Alabama

Assisted living at The Madison Village provides assistance with daily activities of living while seeking to maintain and nurture the independence of each resident. Moving into an assisted living community does mean having to sacrifice privacy or independence.

Everyone is unique, which is why our assisted living staff have a personalized approach to care. Our caregiving staff connects with our residents and crafts a plan of care around their needs, desires, and goals.

The Madison Village offers the benefits and convenience of a retirement community, while also providing a sense of home to our residents. Residents can mingle or participate in activities in the common rooms of our community, or they can relax in the privacy of their own apartment.

Located near Huntsville, Alabama, The Madison Village’s assisted living services make it easy for seniors to rejuvenate and relax during their retirement. The monthly cost of residency covers utilities, dining services, and building maintenance.

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