At Community Senior Life, the health and safety of our residents remain our number one priority. Beyond the compassionate, individualized care our senior living communities throughout Alabama deliver, we are committed to being prepared for various scenarios to ensure there is never a gap in the exceptional care we provide to residents, guests, and families.

Our goal is to prepare our communities and team members for emergency situations to provide peace of mind to individuals and families and continuously keep our residents safe, healthy, and well cared for – no matter the circumstances.

With our CSL locations in Alabama, our senior living communities are often impacted by hurricane season, which runs from June 1 – November 30. We wanted to take this opportunity to highlight the emergency preparedness we have in place for hurricane-related weather, as well as other scenarios that could impact our communities.

Team Member Readiness

Our maintenance team plays a vital role in helping CSL communities be prepared for emergency situations. Maintenance personnel is on duty at each of our communities to maintain the quality of our physical buildings. From individual apartment repairs to landscaping, our maintenance team members know our buildings inside and out.

“In keeping with our mission to protect and take care of our residents, we prepare ourselves for emergencies, just like we do in day-to-day operations, so continued care goes on.” – Tim Roell, VP of Maintenance

Each of our communities is subject to different weather scenarios, ranging from regionally common natural disasters to pipe leaks. Our maintenance team’s primary role in helping us be prepared is keeping our systems and equipment maintained, inspected, and in good operating condition. By doing so, they are ready to be used if and when they are needed.

Our maintenance team knows what steps to take to prepare and react to whatever the reality is to keep our residents safe and the communities operational.

“We take the health and well-being of our residents very seriously and want to be prepared for weather events that could affect their lives. Everything we do is about resident safety.” – Chip Globetti, Executive Vice President

Being Prepared for Anything

At CSL, being prepared for anything means developing and implementing effective strategies for emergency situations. At all of our assisted senior living and memory care communities:

  • We create and follow our policy and procedure emergency plans
  • Keep a three-day supply of food and water for each resident in stock
  • Communicate with local and state officials
  • Respond appropriately to any issued orders, warnings, or watches

In addition, our communities also maintain an up-to-date list of vendors, such as roofers, tree removal services, glass repair, food suppliers, and more, that we can call in case their services are needed.

Even if our communities are never impacted by an emergency, we know it is our duty to be prepared. While nothing is “predictable” in an emergency, Community Senior Life communities try to be as proactive as possible so our residents can continue to receive the care they need and deserve.

In the Event of an Emergency…

With hurricanes and seasonal weather, we typically have advanced notice that allows us to make the necessary arrangements.

However, with more spontaneous weather and emergencies like tornadoes, lightning, flooding, or fire, it comes down to training. Each of our team members, no matter their role, receives training for emergency situations. This way, everyone knows what to do and where to go in the event of an emergency.

Keeping Family Members in the Know

During an emergency, we know that communication is key. We do our best to keep our residents’ family members up-to-date on all the happenings throughout our communities, and this is no different in an emergency situation.

Our corporate office has an emergency contact database that we use to send notifications and updates via email. Additionally, we have a texting program that enables us to contact family members directly, and we use our social media platforms and blog to share community-related updates.

We know that an emergency can cause increased concerns for family members. We take advantage of all possible communication platforms to best inform our residents’ loved ones and deliver peace of mind.

At Community Senior Life, you can rest assured that you or a loved one will be well-taken care of in any situation. To learn more about our emergency preparedness procedures throughout our independent living, assisted senior living, and memory care communities, please reach out to a member of our team.