It is important to feel happy and supported in any community or environment. These two elements work together to create a high quality of life. At Haven Memory Care, located in Gulf Shores, Alabama, our highest priority is to support the needs of our residents, create joy in their daily lives, and support their family members and loved ones throughout the journey.

The Community Development Director at Haven Memory Care shared:

“With a focus on Dementia and Alzheimer’s, I am here to educate the families on how we will support their loved ones by creating a Person-Centered, individualized plan to take care of them, a plan that supports them with a holistic approach.

I want to offer any education they need, direct them to resources that can help with their stress, or just information on the disease process, which eases their mind knowing their loved ones will be somewhere that is knowledgeable regarding how the process of dementia needs to be understood.

The person is not dementia; dementia is a disease. Changing the stigma is a big part of memory care.”

What Supporting Needs & Creating Joy Means to Us

The Community Development Director shares, what “supporting needs and creating joy [means] to myself and the Haven is a complex statement. The team of qualified and professional staff has been trained in the field of Memory Care with a focus on Dementia and Alzheimer’s.

We educate the families on how we will support their loved ones by creating a Person-Centered, individualized plan of care. A plan that supports them in a holistic manner from what they like to eat, their hobbies to what they like or don’t like.

Supporting individuals with Dementia and Alzheimer’s brings joy not only to the resident and family but to myself. I have a passion for this field and love helping them to thrive in their environment.”

Alzheimer’s & Dementia Care is What We Do

Supporting individuals living with Alzheimer’s disease or another form of dementia not only brings joy to the resident but also to the caregivers and team members within our community. Our team at Haven Memory Care has a strong passion for this field of work and loves helping individuals thrive.

The Community Development Director explains that through daily activities, Haven Memory Care residents are provided with an opportunity to be engaged, creating a purposeful and meaningful feeling of joy and love that stays with them throughout the day.

“Support comes in many forms…The Haven loves and wants to create a home environment to allow [residents] to enjoy their day being engaged and creating a purposeful, meaningful life for them to explore.”

In addition to supporting our residents, our team members support each other on a daily basis.

“The staff at the Haven are trained professionals in the field of memory care, which reflects on how professionals know it takes a team to do all that needs to be done to ensure the residents are provided the best quality care. Supporting each other doing this work is part of a day in the life at Haven Memory Care.”

How Support and Joy Affect Healing and Care

When an individual feels supported and genuinely cared for, this presents an atmosphere of healing. The Community Development Director stated, “the sense of support and belonging with love and kindness shown every day by loving and caring team members affects psychological, mental, and physical well-being, encouraging positive results for healing and care.”

Why Consider a Memory Care Community?

“Memory care communities offer our senior living residents a home environment that allows them to feel comfortable and recognize their environment while improving their quality of life.

The people who choose to work in the senior living and memory care industry truly love people and are trained to create a dementia-friendly atmosphere so our residents can thrive,” says Haven Memory Care’s Community Development Director.

How Haven Memory Care Help Your Family

Haven Memory Care in Gulf Shores, Alabama, offers specialized memory, Alzheimer’s, and dementia care to individuals and families. Our community seeks to provide residents with a safe and soothing environment where they can continue to have meaningful experiences while providing family members with a deeper understanding of memory loss and peace of mind that their loved one is receiving the best care possible.

We invite you to contact our community to learn how our memory care services can help your family.