Recently we hosted vaccination clinics for each of our senior living communities. Community Senior Life is proud to report our vaccination statistics are well above the national average for senior living communities with 87% of our 713 residents and 42% of our 305 employees successfully receiving both doses of the COVID-19 vaccine. With vaccines becoming more available, we anticipate this number to increase in the coming weeks.

As more and more people receive vaccinations, Governors in Alabama, Georgia, and Florida are amending their Executive Orders pertaining to COVID-19 and the directives that have guided the operations of our communities through the pandemic. While Community Senior Life does plan to adjust its policies to reflect the latest recommendations given by the Departments of Health, CDC, and CMS, our senior living communities will continue with their current policies through the month of April.

It is our experience the virus tends to spike with infection rates weeks after a major holiday. Community Senior Life observed an increase in cases after Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, and New Year’s Day. With this knowledge, Community Senior Life feels it is best for residents and employees to continue practicing the current policies through the end of April.

As stated above, we will be revising certain policies and you will see those changes in the coming weeks. We ask for your patience and cooperation just a little longer while we work toward “normalcy” after a long, hard fight with COVID-19.