Moving at any age can be overwhelming, no matter what the reason is. When we are children, we have a fear of starting at a new school and having to make new friends. As an adult, we grow apprehensive at the thought of uprooting our family and providing a new home for them. As an older adult, many other fears can affect the decision to move. These concerns influence the decision-making process and may ultimately delay deciding to do something that could be extremely beneficial for their lifestyle.

When the time comes for a parent or family member to consider making a move to a senior living community, he or she may experience fears or anxieties. Community Senior Life, with senior care communities throughout Alabama, has gathered four of the most common fears and concerns older adults may have at the thought of moving to a senior living community. By being aware of these fears and developing an understanding, you will be able to ease the anxiety and help him or her to overcome them.

“I’m Leaving a Piece of Me Behind.”

One of the most common fears a senior may have when moving to senior living is having to leave their current home. Often, individuals have lived the majority of their life in this house, having raised their family and created so many cherished memories there. To your parent or family member, moving to a community may feel like he or she is leaving a piece of themselves behind.

While it is true that he or she will no longer reside in the family home, this does not mean that they are losing a piece of themselves. Encourage your parent or family member to bring significant pieces from their current home into their new one. They may not live inside the same walls, but the contents inside the structure can move with them. What a house is full of is what makes it a home.

“I’ll be Forgotten.”

Another common concern that the older individual in your life may have when moving into a community is that he or she will be forgotten and that their family will not visit.

Community Senior Life communities not only welcome family and friends to visit, but they encourage it! Reassure your parent or family member that just because they are moving does not mean that they are giving up spending time with family. Emphasize the fact that you and other family members and friends will visit often and spend just as much time with him or her as you do currently.

“My Independence will be Lost.”

The loss of independence is an all too common misconception and fear about moving to a senior living community. The myth that these communities are restrictive and limiting is simply not true. In fact, when an individual lives in a senior living community, he or she often has even more independence and freedom.

When the stress of maintaining a home is lifted, older individuals find that they can do more of the things that they enjoy. Explain to your parent or family member that when all cleaning and maintenance of the home is taken care of for them, he or she is free to live the independent life that they crave.

“It’ll be Boring.”

Another common misconception regarding senior living is the concern that he or she will be bored when they move to a community. They have the thought in their head that they will not be able to participate in any of the hobbies and activities that they enjoy. Senior living communities offer a wide array of activities and programs that cater to many interests.

Residents in these communities are encouraged to participate in activities and continue to live an engaging and stimulating lifestyle. Before the move, find out what programs and activities the community offers and identify which ones he or she might enjoy. Encourage him or her to not only participate in the activities that he or she already loves but to explore new opportunities and programs.

Community Senior Life knows that moving brings up many feelings: nervousness, fear, excitement. We are here to help make the move into a senior living community as smooth and comforting as possible. Visit our website or contact us for more information or to find the right community for your parent or family member.